The Willamette Art Center’s programming is focused on access to the arts, promoting the arts, and improving the community.

For more information about our outreach programming, please contact Doug Dacar at 503-365-3911.

Educational Opportunities

Pottery in Schools — Center artists are available to teach ceramic workshops in local schools. Instructors work with between 20-60 students in the classrooms, creating a variety of ceramic projects.

Field Trips to the WAC — Throughout the year, schools as far away as Albany and Forest Grove bring elementary through high school students to the center where they experience a functioning art studio firsthand. Students participate in a variety of hands-on art projects. We are committed to providing lifelong learning in the arts!

Art Education Sponsorships — Sponsor a guest pottery instructor or class field trip. With minimal art experiences available in schools due to budget cuts, the Willamette Art Center clay activities help fill the gaps and provide students with fun, memorable opportunities to share their creativity. If you would like to be a class sponsor and donate the cost of a field trip to the WAC or WAC Instructor visiting a school, please contact Director Doug Dacar at the art center. Join us in helping students express themselves through clay art.

Community Party Opportunities

Business Support and Team Building — Could your employees use some R & R team-building time together to have fun? The Willamette Art Center provides businesses with a venue to strengthen leadership skills and promote team building through adventures in art. Bring them to the studio and let the WAC staff guide your crew through a creative clay experience. Choose from a variety of projects which can be custom designed for your specific goals.

Parties — Get into Art! There is always something exciting to do with your group at the Willamette Art Center. Throw a one-of-a-kind birthday or office party. We are available for Scout troops, teams, clubs, and other groups. We have lots of options for party activities.

Raku Parties — Enjoy the immediate satisfaction of pottery pieces completed in one studio visit. We offer bisque ware ready for group members to glaze and Raku fire. An instructor will guide you through the exciting firing process which produces brilliant colors.