Margrethe is a lifelong lover of all things clay. She finally started getting seriously muddy in 1992 when she took her first 3 credit wheel-throwing class at Chemeketa with Lee Jacobsen. It was heaven then and has been ever since. There’s always something new to learn and surprises around the corner. Margrethe taught wheel throwing for Continuing Education at Central Oregon Community College for several years. That resulted in a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a core group of potters in the class who returned every term. They came to call themselves the “Mud Buddies”. Margrethe set up a tiny pottery studio and classroom in her double-car garage. That was where the Mud Buddies hung out – playing, learning, exploring, and studying clay with each other. They all had fond memories of the bitterly cold Central Oregon winters and heating the garage studio by cranking up the electric kilns and leaving the lids wide open!